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by qBOTron Photo Video Photography Require: BlackBerry OS
Send funny photos of your friends to your... friends?

With this awesome app, you will be able to transform your photos (or just about anything you can see on your screen) into a meme and spread it around! Just skim through the screenshots to see what you're missing out on!

-- Prerequisites --

1. Great imagination (To create funny memes)
2. Balls (To share to your friends)
3. BlackBerry App World 2.1+ (To download additional tools)

-- Instructions --

To start stamping: Exit the app, then click the BlackBerry button (menu), click "sTamp this". Once you can see the green cursor, move the cursor using your track ball/pad. You can use your item (stamp) by pressing either of the 'Shift' keys. If you stamp more than once without moving the location of the cursor, the next image will appear without getting stamped (If you hold 'Alt' while stamping, it will skip by two).

To undo/change item/save/send/clear all: While stamping on your screen, click the BlackBerry button (menu). This will bring up the features.

To browse/purchase additional item: Inside your app, click the "Browse Items" button. All available items (free and purchased) are colored green and the items that are not yet purchased are colored red. Selecting one of the items will display a screen with item info and all the stamps that are inside the item. At the bottom of the item info screen, if you wish, you can purchase the item by clicking the "Purchase This Item!" button.

Once you purchase the item, you will be able to use it when you're stamping on your screen. If any question should arise, please contact us at [email protected]!

** After you set permission, please re-press the "sTamped this!" **


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